All services available in person in the Boston area or remotely anywhere in the world. 

Homeschooling & Private Tutoring

Available as needed 

School semesters 

begin in September and January 

Services include:

  • Full-time homeschooling including math, science, English language arts, and social studies classes for elementary-aged students (K-5) 

  • Part-time homeschooling or remote learning support for all students (K-12)

  • Private tutoring (for academic support or enrichment) in English, history, and philosophy for middle school and high school students (6-12)

  • All services available online

  • All services available in-person in the Boston area depending on the status of the on-going COVID-19 pandemic

Full Service College Counseling

Begins some time before senior year

Key services include:

  • Creating a well-balanced list of schools, including advice on where to apply Early Decision, Early Decision II, and Early Action

  • Brainstorming ideas with the student to help them determine what to write about on the personal statement and all supplemental essays

  • Creating a writing schedule for the Personal Statement and all supplemental essays for the student to create drafts and respond to feedback until the essays are finalized

  • Providing extensive feedback on multiple drafts of the personal statement and all supplemental essays

  • Providing coaching and practice for college interviews 

  • Answering any questions or concerns that the student or parent may have throughout the application process

College Application Writing Workshop

Summer before senior year

Small group workshops:

  • Learn about techniques and tips for college application writing including the personal statement and supplemental essays

  • Get clarification on what the college writing process will entail and get a head start on the writing process 

  • Read and discuss successful personal statements from real students, as well as personal essays from professional writers 

  • Complete and share creative writing assignments to prepare for personal writing 

  • Brainstorm ideas and begin writing the personal statement

  • Receive feedback from myself and peers on writing and ideas for personal statement 

  • 30-minute private consultation and brainstorming session with me after the workshop is complete 

  • Classes capped at 6 students each

Graduate Application Support

Begins 4-6 months before application deadlines 

​Key services include:

  • Consultation on which schools to apply to and support in building a well-balanced list of schools

  • Brainstorming and coaching on how to write the Statement of Purpose and extensive feedback on multiple drafts of the Statement of Purpose until finalized

  • Brainstorming and feedback on all supplemental essay questions

  • Providing feedback on and proofreading of a writing sample (if required)

  • Assistance with writing and/or reviewing a resume/CV


Available as needed 

​Additional services:

  • Writing coaching for high school, college, and graduate students

  • Summer program application support 

  • Transfer application counseling

  • One-on-one tutoring in select topics

  • College interview coaching

  • Resume/CV review and feedback


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