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What My Students Have to Say

"Victoria helped me a lot with my applications for graduate school. She was very professional during all of the one-on-one consulting meetings. She not only showed me what the big picture of the SOP (Statement of Purpose) should look like, but also taught me how to incorporate my personal stories into it. She was very kind with all of her suggestions. More importantly, instead of telling me right away how to write the SOP, she respected my thoughts and patiently helped me to build it from the ground. I really appreciate her work! I could not have gotten into University of Maryland without Victoria's help. She is the best!"

                                                                                                      - Jerry, University of Maryland Graduate School of Engineering 

"Victoria helped me with my college application essays. With her insightful recommendations and feedback, my essays improved a lot in terms of structure and clarity. After I got on the waitlist at UCLA, she also patiently helped me revise an additional waitlist letter for UCLA. Thanks to Victoria for her diligent work. She's a very nice person to work with."


                                                                                                     - Rosy, UCLA College of Letters and Science